//​Meet IC | IC private members Antoine & Mahalia.

​Meet IC | IC private members Antoine & Mahalia.

What do they sell? Performance marketing based on payment per result. http://za.publicideas.com/ Will tell you all about it, but we’re here to tell you about the people who make up our office space community @ideascartel.

Ladies first: Mahalia a digital specialist with 5 years international experience & strong affiliate marketing expertise. She arrived from France a year ago to become Public-Ideas’ ambassador in South Africa.

Throughout her career she has worked with media agencies, affiliate platforms, RTB providers, direct publishers and built campaigns for key brands in different sectors such as tourism, beauty, insurance, e-commerce, etc. Mahalia has both international expertise and local knowledge of the digital space.

Mahalia strongly believes that you should step out of your comfort zone and become familiar with the unfamiliar and the unknown.

The beast to the beauty, Antoine, joined Public Ideas South Africa in 2014 as a Business developer. He is responsible for monitoring the advertising campaigns and managing the South African local office based at the IC | IC for over a year now.

Previously, as a European Project Manager & Key Account Manager for Toshiba, he has an impressive 5 years experience in online product sale strategy.

Antoine’s career has covered both the technical and business aspects of digital marketing so he is able to advice any part of the business with a strong objective opinion.

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