//A New Addition to the Dando Family

A New Addition to the Dando Family

Cape Town.

A city blessed with a plethora of cafés and restaurants of supreme quality. A single negative experience at a venue is sufficient for a customer to shun it for the rest of time.

And why shouldn’t you?

It’s difficult to argue with someone who refuses to go back to a particular café because the Hollandaise sauce was the wrong shade of yellow. Or the yolk of their poached egg didn’t leak onto their plate at the correct rate.

There are hundreds of places that claim to be culinary artisans. A considerable amount of them actually are.

The point is this: Cape Town’s coffee scene is ruthless in its demand for excellence. The Dando Coffee team knows this better than anyone.

Enter Dando’s new Master Roaster and Operations Manager, Franklin Frantz.

“There are opportunities to exploit and that’s no secret,” Franklin enthused. “We’re up against some major players, but the competition certainly doesn’t have every aspect of the industry on lockdown.

I’m happy being the little guy. We have to work harder, smarter; find a way to keep winning. That’s okay with me.”

Annabel Pretorius, National Sales Manager of Dando, said that Franklin was the only candidate under serious consideration. “His experience in logistics was an important factor, but his passion for coffee really sold us,” she said.

“Logistics are extremely important,” continued Annabel. “We haven’t struggled, but it’s a bonus to have a specialist on board. He’s a safe pair of hands and a really positive addition to the team.”

Franklin was coy when asked about any specific changes in the pipeline; “I’ll have to get my feet under the table first!” he explained. “We’ll hone our strengths and work on our weaknesses. I’m calm. Excited, but calm, if that makes any sense.”

Franklin is eagerly anticipating his integral role in a partnering company of the Inner City Ideas Cartel. “This environment is new to me. I haven’t worked or networked in such a nice space. Nice isn’t the right word, but I’m on the spot here and can’t think of the right one. Ideas CartelCartel House, the office space, the partners, the growth. It’s all so exciting. I can’t wait to see how high we can go.”

Neither can we. Over to you, Franklin.