//Alana Witte – Coworking

Alana Witte – Coworking

Alana leads Revinate’s accelerated global growth in Africa & the Middle East.

Expanding Revinate’s existing 23,000 hotels in 143 countries is what Alana does. Before launching Revinate’s Dubai and South Africa’s offices, Alana served as Director of Special Projects for an investment vehicle that is a Limited Partner of Formation 8, the San Francisco based venture capital fund and anchor investor of Revinate. Alana holds a master’s degree in Arabic Studies at the University of Texas, and began her career in communications and branding advisory in the MEA market predominately in the hospitality, telecoms, and governmental verticals. Given Alana’s involvement in both the hospitality industry and technology transfer, Alana is keen to engage hospitality stakeholders in the Middle East & Africa to explore how Revinate’s Silicon Valley based innovations may augment the region’s robust hospitality industry.

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