//An Ode to Bespoke

An Ode to Bespoke

Lock Stock & Barrel clients are people who know. Their own people. They are intrigued about collaborating with a company that understands and celebrates that.

Lock Stock & Barrel is the difference between the professionals and the pretenders. It is a brand that allows straight shooters to shoot straighter, and for mavericks to throw the world the curveballs that it craves.

Because you wear a suit when it matters. And when it matters, being yourself does too.

A suit off the rack was made for somebody else. It can be worn by anybody else.

A bespoke suit from Lock Stock & Barrel is for nobody else. It is made for you. Cut from fabrics chosen by you and stitched in the style selected by you. Yours to own and yours to wear, from concept to creation.

Tailoring suits is sunrise and the rest of the day lies before us.

We are purveyors of bespoke, luxury products and services; a responsibility that we take seriously.

Our offering of exclusive timepieces includes Tag Heuer, Panerai, Rolex, Omega and Breitling. Brands that stand as testament to our commitment to quality, craftsmanship and heritage.

Along our travels we have been fortunate enough to acquire a collection of lesser found, fine whiskeys.

We operate from a private suite at Cartel House – Cape Town’s finest serviced office space.

Every move we make and each piece we purvey is carefully considered. Lock Stock & Barrel clients deserve nothing less.