//Building Something Special

Building Something Special

That means growth. It means building. It means progress.

Enter Andre Pieters. The young entrepreneur has joined the Cartel conversation at the opportune moment — just as we required someone possessing his particular skillset and interests.

Luxury Time

Amongst other things, Andre is a partner at Luxury Time – a retailer of the world’s most exclusive timepieces. He deals in brands such as Omega, Cartier, Breitling, Rolex and more.

The best part? Andre is extremely excited about Cartel House and becoming an official partner. You can probably see where we’re going with this.

“Everyone is going to want to be a part of it,” quips Andre. “If we’re chatting and I tell you I’m a Cartel House member, the response must be wow, this guy must be doing something right! People will realise this. Awesome office space was just the beginning. I’m keen to be involved in what happens next.”

Andre has a massive role to play going forward. His experience is going to make an immense contribution to Lock Stock & Barrel, taking the bespoke formalwear brand to the next level.

“Luxury Time and LSB is a perfect fit,” says Andre. “Lock Stock & Barrel is not a suit company. It is a purveyor of fine, premium products. IC|IC began renting elite office space and grew from there. With LSB, suits was the start. Now it’s luxury watches as well. We’re moving forward. Building something special.”

Fitness Centre

Andre shall spearhead the development and management of a luxury fitness centre at Cartel House. Though an exact date cannot be determined at this stage, it shall be fully operational in a couple of months.

A physically imposing man, he knows how to navigate a gym. Couple his passion for physical health with the requisite knowledge regarding how a luxury fitness centre should look and feel. You have a winning formula.

“The foundation is there,” he contemplates. “You have the building, the members, the resources. It’s just about fitting everything together in a way that works. Cartel House members deserve to the best of the best. I’ll ensure that they have access to a gym that meets that.”

A Parting Thought

“It’s about attracting people to Cartel House,” he replies. “There are so many perks to becoming a member and the gym is at the forefront of that. People talking about Cartel House will create expectation. I want people to expect something brilliant, but instead of meeting that expectation, they must be blown away.”

We cannot wait.