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A Webinar Series

by Members for Members

An Eye on Small business

We’re giving small businesses a fighting chance in tough times by creating a space where they can be productively promoted in a way that’s interesting and useful to the broader community.

The CCO platform is an opportunity for members to showcase their company and its products.

A branch of Cartel Connect Online includes a member-driven webinar series where you can feature your business in a topical and helpful masterclass format. The content is driven from within the CCO community, and then outwards via social media, the Ideas Cartel website and media partners.

Our aim is to get eyes on your brand and generate leads for your business by driving masterclass content across our social media platforms in a targeted campaign, as well as through media partners, in order to reach as many people as possible. We hope to assist members in gaining positive attention through a valuable services exchange, whilst also focusing on wellness and human interaction.

Members of Ideas Cartel—including tenants, coworking members, and Cartel Club members— will automatically have access to CCO, along with its full suite of features and offerings. New members can access Cartel Connect Online in the Ideas Cartel App, at R99 per month.


1. Valuable Engagement.

Ask questions, share perspectives and connect with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs to find solutions, together, through live experiences.

2. Lower Business Costs

Small businesses have less overheads, so you’ll save money when you support them.

3. Save Precious Time

Get quicker deliveries of essential services when you order from smaller providers.

4. Personal Service

A team of community managers awaits to help you solve problems—all you need to do is ‘Request Assistance’ on the Ideas Cartel app.

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