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CArtel Fit

WORK OUT with us



Work up a sweat in a selection of CartelFit’s workouts, book a FitPod, join the Old Foundry Gym. Access live workouts, Physical and virtual sessions hosted by our community of personal trainers across all IC venues, in the Ideas Cartel app and on the CCO website.


Daniella Corder - Coach Cords, curated a program that speak to women, for women to train according to monthly cycle.

✓ Educate women on how to train according to their monthly cycle
✓ Create a community
✓ Offer a space where women can train safely and hygienically during lockdown
✓ Working with our hormones instead of against them and becoming more hormonally in tune with our bodies
✓ Tailoring the classes each week to cater for the 4 different phases of monthly cycle

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Cartel Fit premium

Now R1500 per month

. UNLIMITED FitPods & Classes
. Bookings across all locations
. Includes coworking access
. 15h parking per month.

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Ic members

R800 per month

. UNLIMITED FitPods & Classes
. Bookings across all locations

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Flex membership

R149 per month

Members get a discounted FitPod rate of R149 per hour.
Access to FitPods across all locations.
Discount on group classes.

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Cartel Fit Classic

nOW R850 per month

. UNLIMITED FitPods & Classes
. Bookings across all locations

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Pay as you go

R199 per hour

Get a discount if you are member of InnerCity Coworking, Cartel Club, Travellers Club or CCO.

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Access to PT live stream and archived video workouts
Sanitized room
Strength & functional training equipment
Up to 2 pax
Bottle of water
Fresh Towels
Access to Africology shower facilities
Access to concierge parking service - for members account

Whether it’s running or cross-functional training that you are into, we have it, we’re doing it and we are smashing it!

Boxing - Shepard
Monday To Friday - 06:00 / 06:30 / 17:30
Monday To Friday
07h30 to 08h30

Join our boxing trainer Shepard and work your whole body and mind. These classes will take you through rounds of different punches and combos. You will also receive a high level of cardio, muscle strength, sharp reflexes, and a focused mind. Monday & Wednesday 06:30 am Tuesday & Thursday 06:00 am Friday 05:30 pm

Strength - David
Strength & Toning
07h30 to 08h30

Join up with our strength trainer David , as his classes aims to tone your body focusing on high repetitions and light weight exercises

Yoga - Kayley
07h30 to 08h30

Join our trainer Kayley in a sculpt yoga class. These classes are great for all levels and is a total body workout designed to sculpt every major muscle group by combining yoga postures with weights and cardio.

Buy individual tickets on CCO or sign up for a club membership on the app to access all CCO content

Functional & HIIT Training

Brigitte Shaw is a Master Trainer with a diploma in exercise science, qualified sports Therapist. Exercise is medicine accredited to train high-risk clients as well as pre and post natal. Specializing in functional training, HIIT training, weight loss & Toning. Mobility. One on one. Groups.

Fat Loss

Darren is a personal trainer specialising in sports conditioning—he coaches athletes across a range of sports including rugby, cricket, soccer and motorsport. He loves to discover new scenic routes for his running adventures and can also be found on the dancefloor.

Strength & Tone

Antz specialises in HIIT style training, bodyweight exercises and functional fitness. He lives by the values of high performance culture that promotes a balanced lifestyle. Antz encourages his clients to eat their greens, but to leave space for mom’s birthday cake too.

Strength & Tone

With almost a decade of experience, Scotty is the epitome of turning ‘before’ into ‘after’. He’s been there, done that, and is passionate about helping others do the same. Scotty’s second love is motor vehicles, and he maintains that fitness is 90% mental, 10% physical.

Cartel Connect Online (CCO) is a digital membership with community values at its heart. Unlock access to live streams featuring business leaders, fitness gurus, celebrity chefs and more. Visit CCO for more information.

Book your sanitized and fully equipped workout pod for a safe workout session.

Fit pods are available at our 4 Cape Town locations
• 113 Loop Street, CBD
• The Old Foundry, 1 Sand Hill Road, Green Point
• 71 Waterkant Street, De Waterkant
• Casa Labia, 192 Main Road, St James

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FitPod Rates

FitPod rental is at R199 per hour for non membersCCO members get a discounted rate of R150 per hourAll other members (Travellers Club, Cartel Club, Inner City) get a discounted rate of R100 per hour.

• A complimentary live or archived workout by our in house trainers.
• Water bottles
• Fresh Towels
• Sanitizer

Whether it’s running or cross-functional training that you are into, we have it, we’re doing it and we are smashing it!