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Catchatiger Design Studio

Meet IC | IC coworking member Liesl Rademan. Designer, teacher, creator, risk taker and believer in herself.

Liesl completed her degree in Visual Communication at the University of Stellenbosch whereafter, Liesl decided to go into partnership with her University ally Pieter Ludeke. They registered their company, Catchatiger Design Studio kickstarting their self employment adventure.

The initial plan was that Lisel & Pieter would part for 2 years while she honed her Digital and Web Skills at the Friends of Design Academy in Cape Town, leaving Pieter to gain industry experience.

Shortly after Liesl was offered the opportunity to lecture were she soon discovered a love for sharing her passion for design. Teaching design principles to 19 year olds whilst offering software training to Industry experts exposed her to both the academic and practical part of the industry – she says that she had the opportunity of learning just as much as she taught. Liesl also says that for her it was a great privilege to watch people become excited about learning, and a great joy of being a part of so many individuals’ ‘a-ha!’ moments!

Encouraging students to become designers who are known not only by brilliance, but also by integrity Liesl felt a strong urge to walk her own talk.

Pieter eventually quit his day job and officially launched Catchatiger while patiently waiting for Liesl to scale down on her teaching career. As her students became more confident, she found herself envious of the amount of hours that they could dedicate to creating original content. And so it was with great sadness that at the end of 2014 that Liesl finally took off her teachers cap and fully committed to Catchatiger.

Catchatiger has a diverse range of clients from young brands who believe in their products to big companies who want to be represented with exciting technologies like augmented reality for which Catchatiger has recently hired an animator to do the work. Catchatiger’s newest venture is the Catchatiger Store, specializing in bespoke art prints and letterpress stationary.

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