//Dakin Parker- Coworking

Dakin Parker- Coworking

Dakin tells us that a few years ago, when he was living in New York, his parents invited their domestic, Nosi, to sit in on a Skype conversation which he was having with them. Nosi’s first words—after the initial shock of being able to see Dakin and his home, 12,500kms away—was “Yoh, yoh, yoh, I wish my daughter could clean that flat!” Dakin says that this sentiment sat badly with him; this was her kids’ golden summer. In a post-apartheid, democratic, affirmative-action-enabled South Africa, they could be anything they set their hearts on. It was their time.

So when Dakin sold his first home, he put a portion of the profits aside for the further education of the children of Nosi and their second domestic, Anna. Anna wanted her son to take a business management course at a local college, which he gladly approved and paid for.

Anna’s son now owns a bakery and drives a car.

When Dakin considered how difficult it was to administer this fund from all those kilometres away and when he heard how many families were already doing this for their own domestic workers, but with their own challenges and anxieties, he thought that there must be a way to do this on a bigger scale. If that could be achieved, then more people would be convinced to support their own employees in this way.

This is how the idea behind Kinfundi was born.

Dakin has more than 15 years of experience in the world of finance, accounting, auditing and business consulting. If you count the photography business he started at 9 and the fashion line he started on campus as a student, Dakin has an impressive nearly 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur.

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