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Innovation doesn’t happen in isolation; it happens at the intersections.

It’s at this intersection—where diverse people, perspectives and purpose collide—that an important ingredient for innovation occurs: connection. The Ideas Cartel ecosystem of multi-use spaces is designed to catalyse this connection across the modern lifestyle blend of work, stay and play.

We are the innovation intersection.

We know good things come to those who work for it, so we curated resilient, shared workspaces that encourage productivity, interaction and growth. We know driving change requires managing energy, so we built boutique hotels that support the rest required to recharge. We understand the importance of belonging, so we created a members’ club to support and link the like minded. We’re also aware of the importance of balance, so we host experiences and offer spaces that fuel fun, spark fresh ideas and bring people together.
Ideas Cartel sets up spaces that set you up for success.