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*Disclaimer: Please, if you are gainfully and happily employed, the below is not for you. In fact, you may well take offence to it. This is a notice to those who hate their jobs.

The world is a vicious place. Dreams are dangerous; they have the potential to induce frustration, depression, anger, and general bad manners. For the majority of you sitting at your desk, reading this, or hap hazardously glancing at your iDevice whilst alternating between your coffee, aforementioned iDevice and the steering wheel – Stop.

Find a quiet place. If you cannot find a quiet place, wait until you can. Great. Now think about your life. Your job. And any of the people that you interact with on a daily basis. How do you feel?

Unfortunately it is only going to get worse. Why? Because the chances are you are not making a living from what inspires you, or at least striving to be in a position to do so. Accept this about yourself. Do not make excuses about it.

Dreams not followed over a period of time paralyses the mind and feeds regret. Deep down inside, I believe you already know this. So why do you continue to live a life that you do not wake up looking forward to your day, no matter how tired you may be, drink espressos directly from the coffee machine and go about trying to better yourself? It’s not the prize that’s not alluring enough. Let’s face it – you have never experienced self-employment, so how would you know what its like? It’s the fear of failure that is keeping you back.

The original draft of this post went on a tyrannical rant about the dangers of not following your dreams, being all that you can be and not daring to take that one chance that may bring you to be able to triumph Maslow’s Hierarchy of the increasingly unattainable needs in life.

No one wants to read another “carpe diem” blog post. So I changed it. Rewrote it, worked at it, doubted it, reworked it once more and came up with this – the final copy which you are reading now. The great thing is that your career is exactly the same. You can change it and rework it, but expect to work twice as hard once this is done.

The process I went through writing this post can be further likened to a career change. The idea that bites. The pause for reflection. The self-doubt. The moment in your day when you realize that if you do not do this – you will be very sorry that you did not. The first step. The inordinate amount of time it takes to prepare something worthwhile. The realization that you may have careered off the path or got distracted subsequent to the first step; the realignment and finally the achievement.

As with deciding to do anything new, you will experience and endure some sort of the above whilst still dealing with your day job. The great thing is that you will have one vital ideal to help you on your way. Hope.

I know because as I write this I live on it, breath it, depend on it and feed it. It is 6:23 am and I am writing this from a desk before the “real” workday starts; still gainfully employed by the organization that funded my new venture with the hope that one day it will be enough for me to sit back and pat myself on the back for hoping.

Please know that you will have to work twice as hard to have the honour of working for yourself. As with me, you may have to work two jobs, but what I know now is that on a day-to-day basis I am infinitely happier striving, rather than merely dreaming.

Everything comes at a price, but rather the price of your time than that of regret. I am in no way a life mentor; I have failed more than most, but I have learned that regret is a mouthwash I would rather avoid.

To date, we have done what we set out to do. We have successfully launched The Inner City Ideas Cartel. A home for startups, freelancers, creatives, entrepreneurs and, most importantly, freethinkers. We dared to believe in an idea, work after hours and create a place that would help you, hire yourself.

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