//Ideas Cartel Hosts Nelson Mandela Day

Ideas Cartel Hosts Nelson Mandela Day

A blog post from Ideas Cartel Community Manager Marlie Grey on what Nelson Mandela day is all about.

The 18th of July has quickly become one of the most important days in South Africa as it celebrates the birthday of the father of our Nation.

Mandela strongly believed in our democratic rights, freedom of choice, equality, cultural diversity and community. Not only did he dedicate his life to fight for these values, but also truly believed that every individual possesses the power and ability to transform the world and to make an impact.

I wanted to make an impact, for however small the initial wind from the butterfly’s wings; a gale force of change may one day blow thereafter.

Whilst preparing for our first Nelson Mandela Day project I took it upon myself to do some research and investigate what Nelson Mandela Day truly entails and where the 67 minutes concept originates. The day was created to bring people together from all around the world to fight poverty, promote peace, reconciliation and cultural diversity. It is a celebration of Madiba’s life and legacy and an opportunity for us to act and change the world for the better.

The 67 minutes originates from Nelson Mandela fighting for 67 years for social justice. He fought furiously to bring equality to each person in South Africa by tapping on the conscious of every South African to do something that represents his legacy on the 18th of July.

To honor Madiba and start making a chang we decided to distribute soup and bread to the homeless throughout the city of Cape Town on Mandela Day. What initially started as a small idea, eventually resulted in El Burro Restaurant volunteering their food truck to help us distribute to those less fortunate. The truck, secured, we packed it full of delicious soup and bread, and drove around the mother city, stopping and feeding those who cannot feed themselves.

The soup was sponsored by one our prized partners and members, Source Food and the day would not have been possible without the generous additional sponsorship from Taudata, Ou Meal and Eco-Pack.

The 67 minutes that was spent driving around the Mother City has opened my eyes in a big way by revealing how materialistic society can be. While we enjoy our comfortable beds, that hot cappuccino, or sushi with friends and family, there is a large segment of the South African population that – even after 21 years of democracy that still has nothing to eat and nowhere to sleep. Nelson Mandela Day creates a opportunity for us to give back to the people who suffer in silence.

We look forward to seeing you in 2016, please help us, help them.

Marlie Grey

Ideas Cartel Community Manager

Marlie makes sure that the members in our office spaces and coworking communities get to know one another and the city they live in.

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