//Your Idea?

Your Idea?

Disclaimer: This is a blog post for unhappy people. For those of you who would like to read an inspirational blog post, this is unfortunately not it. However, it is a candid reflection of my own life, in the memorable months, days and moments leading up to the decision to save my own ideas and live a life less ordinary.

You’re a dream-waster. You, the individual reading this instead of getting on with what your life expects of you. In some way we all are, but especially those who cling to their day jobs like a drunk to a bottle of spirits. Neither the job that you don’t want nor the liquor is good for you. You know this. Both may provide temporary relief, but ultimately these masters of misery will leave your heart and head-sore. Its some tough blog love I know, but if you have been inspired by an idea, the foremost ingredient for a dream, and have not acted on it – You’re a dream-waster. Peter James Davies – IC | IC Founding Member

If you don’t want your job, the work-averse knows this. You emit a self-loathing radiation that infuriates your colleagues; slowly, but surely dampening their efforts and the forward thinking of those around you. The Inner City Ideas Cartel is a call to action for all those collared and tied individuals out there who have had an idea and want to find a home for it. The IC | IC was built for the dreamer in you that needs more than the gentle nudge. No one wants to wake up in the final ten minutes of life’s exam to try and hap hazardously scribble a legacy.

For those brave few who look to assume the responsibility of mastering their own legacy, but may not be brave enough to hire themselves just yet; we ask you this:

What’s your idea? The single idea that grabs you in the morning, taps your shoulder during your lunch break and puts you to bed at night.

Before you can dream, you need an idea. An idea that conjures up all the images of the life you wish to lead. For me it is to write in the mornings, help startups during the day, train in the afternoons and spend time with my wife in the evenings – I’ve thought about it a lot. I know what I want, but more importantly I am beginning to learn how to achieve it. For me the grandeur of my dream is in its simplicity.

Ideas come with responsibilities, the first of which is to check whether or not it is profitably feasible. (A quick Google search will tell you whether the idea has been done before and if it will make money.) Once you have made double sure that one can actually make a living from the afore conceived idea, it will turn itself into a realistic dream.

Ideas do that, they are wonderful things.

A quick read of Hire Yourself will help prepare you for the *dehydrating, energy-sapping, emotionally tormenting rigor of self-employment. Once read, you will be aware of such things and will be equipped to cater for them in your plan before you choose to #HireYourself.

For those of you who know without what your idea is, and quite possibly have it jotted down next to you or saved in a folder somewhere, – open it up, start a new page and answer these important questions:

  1. What will it cost? **
  2. How can I get this money? ***
  3. When will I pay back this money? ****
  4. When will I start? *****

If you managed to answer these questions and are committed to following through with the process, well done, not only are you saving another person’s idea (they will eventually find someone who really wants your job), but more importantly, you will be saving your own ideas.

There is nothing more tragic than a fallen idea that could have become a reality, but instead, the creator chose to marry compromise. Conversely, there is nothing more inspiring than those who have found their idea and have chosen to fight for it.

But remember – Now the real work starts.


 The IC | IC

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