//Katrien Slee – Coworking

Katrien Slee – Coworking

Not too long ago Katrien attended school in Johannesburg and Somerset West. She started her studies in Visual Communication and Design at the University of Stellenbosch, but decided to rather pursue her passion for photography and acquired a diploma in professional photography at City Varsity in Cape Town. Katrien is outgoing, full of fun and not scared of a challenge. To her a new set of challenges ahead and a new set of skills to learn, only mean that adventure is on her doorstep. #lifeinastartup.

“I have learnt so much already, but I know that in the world and time that we live in there is still so much more to explore and discover. We have endless opportunities ahead of us and with the rate that things are happening you need determination and energy to keep up.”

KINGLY is a mobile and web design and development studio with an office in Cape Town, South Africa. With a strong focus on the end user, KINGLY has a more than credible reputation within the industry, building on their ability to create world-class digital products. KINGLY has a growing client base that spans the globe in numerous different sectors. KINGLY is passionate about providing tailor-made solutions that are in alignment with their clients’ expectations and requirements.

In their words “We create really cool digital stuff.”

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The Inner City Ideas Cartel is dedicated to providing luxury, scalable office space to rent in Cape Town. Regardless of the size of your company we promise to provide an office space that is conducive to productivity and opportunity. Our member base ranges from the solopreneur, freelancing their way to greatness right up to mid size legal and tech teams battling the b2b corporate world. We’re a workspace hotel, not an ordinary office space.