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Casa Labia

192 Main Rd, Muizenberg, Cape Town

An elegant addition to our boutique hotels and bespoke business club

Casa Labia offers sophisticated stays and encourages key conversations amidst grandeur.

Where the walls hold history

Whether you’re an artist or entrepreneur, we’d like to welcome you home.

These walls have seen royalty pass through them; rebounded the sounds of lectures, musical performances and poetry readings; witnessed art classes and book launches, and embraced the Cape’s grandest events.

And now, this multi-functional cultural centre—originally built to reflect an Italian prince’s appreciation of the arts—remains relevant as a modern melting pot of ideas, perspectives and great ambitions. These walls hold yesterday within them, but they whisper of tomorrow’s potential.

This is more than a House; it’s una famiglia. 

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Make connections that fuel your future in a magnificent, historical home.

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