//Meet Freelance Cape Town

Meet Freelance Cape Town

We fight for our freelancers because they should not have to. Let’s keep the business world as pure as we can where writers write, creatives create, accountants count and salesmen sell. After all, who cares if a surgeon can balance his books when he’s opening up your heart? Of course there should be accountability across the board when it comes to the various functions within a business, but when it comes to the day to day running of your company, the only thing that will get you ahead is a phenomenal product and service. This is what you should be spending all your energy on, fixating your mind upon – not worrying about how to sell it. That’s a specialists job. Thats our job.

Freelance Cape Town and the Ideas Cartel sales team are the mercenaries of modern day commerce. We’re out there fighting for our community of freelancers, making sure they do what they do best and find others to worry about the rest.

We’ve provided the home base, your shared office space and our stronghold, now we’re providing the footmen. It’s a strong call to action for those who belong to an Ideas Cartel, but it’s a worthy one. If you are reading this and you need a freelancer let us know @ideascartel @CapeFreelance on Twitter. Let’s continue to build a community of super achievers who help one another and pay it forward because they know someone else will pay it back.

Here’s to the everyday hero. The men and women who get up and go to work to live a life less ordinary. The salesman who wakes up early, the creative who drinks one more cup of coffee and the self employed who dare to hire themselves.

1. Sign up at www.freelancecapetown.com

2. Sign up to the Freelancer Membership at www.ideascartel.com/memberships

3. Arrive and start working from IC | IC ii on 113 Loop Street.

We’re here for you.


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