//Meet Morgan Jenkins – Coworking

Meet Morgan Jenkins – Coworking

From a wanderlust yogi to production manager, private chef to restaurant manager and currently mistress in charge of inspiration at Ideas Cartel, Morgan has spent the last decade exploring her capabilities and limitations within varying frames of work. The one thing that remains constant amidst everything Morgan takes on is her ability to micro-manage, organise, plan and execute. She prides herself in her ability to solve problems in a creative way. Morgan’s secret to keeping a level head when all the chips start to fall is Yoga. A dedicated practitioner and qualified instructor, Morgan is planning on starting classes right here at the doorstep of each and every Ideas Cartel member.

Some call it OCD, but Morgan calls it having a fine eye, it’s the tiniest of details that catch her attention and curls her toes back. Morgan believes that all of her years of continent hopping and exploring different industries allows her to understand the context of different businesses within the framework of the world at large. Synergy is where magic happens. When people allow themselves to do what they love – nurturing their skills and talents – they achieve big things. When they collaborate with others who are doing the same, they achieve great things.

Morgan says that she will be calling on the bulk of her skills at IC | IC including her experience as a private chef, events planner and production manager.

Welcome to our team Morgan!

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