//Meet Source Food

Meet Source Food

From the moment we met Kirsty we knew we had found a potential member. We took a few moments last week to find out more about her company and where they come from.

The Source Food Story.

“In 2005, I built a tiny little agency proffering personal chefs to wonderfully fancy people who loved good food, whilst merrily cooking for my own clients all the while. Business was booming and we had amazing chefs on the books but, out of season, my teams would leave and go off to do the European circuit. It was then that I had the opportunity to grow the business for local corporate clients and business took off.

Source Food became the sole agency in South Africa able to work across multiple event platforms whilst offering the highest standard of creative culinary expertise to our clients. The business is now a creative food agency, focused on promoting brands through the medium of food. There is no brand that we can’t think of a way to market through food activations. From the delivery of exclusive experiences based on clients marketing /PR campaigns, to content creation, corporate gifting , eventing and expos.

The Source Food team is small but powerful, and we pride ourselves on being the best at what we do in all that we do. Our team is effective, we are a powerhouse of foodie knowledge, and constantly we draw on our extensive library of brilliant chefs to help us activate any event or campaign. Jonathan is our Ops Director and joined the team in 2009. Jono is our secret weapon when it comes to event logistics, his superpowers know no bounds!

Our team is made up of people who can cook, draw, count and plan. We all work hard and love what we do! That’s just our vibe.”

~ Kirsty Rowett

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