//Opportunity & Opulence

Opportunity & Opulence

He said that it’s better to be wealthy. “If you’re rich, you have money. But if you’re wealthy, you have the time to enjoy it.”

That stuck with me.

Obviously, wealth is relative. There are individuals that dream of owning a 3-Series BMW. From a position of privilege, it can be easy to forget that the vast majority of South Africans will never realise that dream.

Then there are those that wouldn’t be caught dead driving one. Or doing any actual driving themselves. Except on a clear Sunday, in a cherry-red supercar with the roof down.

NVD Property & Project Management has spent the past weeks and months doing more than hosting fantastic functions. They’ve been exploring potential partnerships with individuals of extreme wealth. The kind of individuals that would struggle to run out of money. Waterfalls of residual income people. Empire builders. Kingpins.

Their homes embarrass five star hotels; the kind of places that defy belief. Opulence exceeding the constraints of vocabulary. Several bedrooms, all en-suite. Luxury personal offices. Panoramic views of the sea, sky, city and mountain. Priceless art. Gyms and saunas. Wraparound pools and private cinemas. Front yards that open onto Clifton First.

All that, just in case they decide to come to Cape Town for a short while.

These places were once the preserve of those that can afford to buy them or build them. No longer.

NVD Property & Project Management’s portfolio of obscenely luxurious venues includes properties in the plush suburbs of Bishopscourt and Clifton, including more than one lavish property on the envied Nettleton Road.

These mega-money mansions are available for private venue hire. Accommodation, events, conferences and photoshoots can be organised exclusively through NVD Property & Project Management. Enquiries can be sent to nina@nvdproperty.co.za or for more information visit their website – NVD Property & Project Management

It’s encouraging and exciting to see them go from strength to strength and become Cape Town’s authority on everything relating to private events.

We’re proud to call them official partners and fine friends.

Their growth mirrors our own. Progress on the Cartel House building continues apace as we continue to evolve from providers of luxury office space to proprietors of a premium, cosmopolitan culture.

The future looks promising indeed. You can keep up with Nina and her team on Facebook, where they chronicle the fabulous events, shoots and accommodation that they provide..