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Reimagined Coworking Space Reinvents Member Recruitment

For a limited time, Cape Town’s premier coworking collective are offering to buy impact tenants out of their current lease.

Its about putting our money where our members are to make sure the broader coworking community accelerates.

We at The Inner City | Ideas Cartel (aka The IC | IC) are looking to expand and diversify our tenant base, strengthening the burgeoning bonds between our clientele. We need the best partners possible for our members to take advantage of their services.

“The concept of coworking is not just about sharing a space, it’s about creating on-hand business opportunities between cohabiting members. Their success is our success, says Founder,” Schuyler Vorster.

We have identified opportunities for specific industries within our network and would therefore like to incentivise their membership to The IC | IC and ensure that their move goes as smoothly as possible.

“Therefore, if you’re a freelancer, founder in the tech scene, the advertising industry, an accounting firm, a member of the legal community, in HR or recruitment, we would like to meet with you to investigate buying you out of your current lease, allowing you to join our network as quickly and as effortlessly as possible. If you are happy in your current office or coworking space then we would like to explore jointly hosting networking events. We can’t let a little thing like a lease get in the way of good businesses meeting one another.

The IC | IC offers scalable workspace for growing businesses that need a community conducive to productivity and opportunity, this is facilitating both,” says Vorster.

For those of you who just want to visit on daily or weekly basis, visit www.cartelhouse.com to investigate our more flexible club membership options.

And with three locations within the Cape Town area boasting an eye watering list of amenities such as private gym, baristas, barbers and tailors, The IC | IC has proven time and time again that coworking is a state of the art solution for both individuals and businesses.

Please visit www.ideascartel.com or call +27 21 824 1781 or email innercity@ideascartel.com to discuss this limited time offer. Terms and conditions apply.


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