//The Women Making it Work

The Women Making it Work

As I sit in Cartel House’s buzzing co-working section, the tip-tap, click-clack of footsteps indicating the respective gaits of Marlie Grey and Tshepi Khuto are ever-present. They’re all over the place and not in a bad way.

Tshepi, based at 113 Loop Street, is the Office Manager of Cartel House. She ensures that the day-to-day running of ICii is silky smooth and her stock rises every single day.

“I just do my job,” she says. “If people are as happy with my performance as you say, that’s great. I just do my best.”

She hasn’t been a part of the team for long, but the impact of her contribution is tangible.

“When I got here, I had the mentality that I’d stay organised and on top of everything.” Tshepi explains.

“There are so many different things going on that it’s hard to keep up. You have to find a way to stay on top of things and stay focused. Every time you have to overcome a new problem, you learn things that help you going forward.”

Tshepi was snapped up from the hospitality industry, where she worked as the front desk agent for a major hotel. IC|IC founder Schuyler Vorster needed more hands on the deck of his expanding enterprise and offered Tshepi a job.

“It’s been a privilege to watch Tshepi grow into her role within the company and her career” Schuyler remarks. “She exemplifies accountability at the front of our house.”

Marlie, steering the ship as Office Manager of Ideas Cartel on 71 Waterkant Street, is honest and open about her early struggles.

“It (the job) has challenged me in every aspect of my life. This is the first job I’ve had with real responsibility and trying to find out how to fit in was scary.”

But she’s not despondent. On the contrary, Marlie is relishing the rest of her journey. “I get to work with amazing people and each of them contributes towards my personal growth. Each day is interesting and I’m inspired to fulfil my dream of becoming a successful businesswoman. I’m in the best place to do that.”

Schuyler’s feedback is appropriately sincere. “Marlie is the quiet soldier making sure the job gets done,” he muses. “Her passion for supporting charity and reminding everyone they can do more for others is exemplary.”

These two fabulous ladies have established reputations as diligent grafters that face each day with courage, efficiency and grace. They embrace challenges and take each lesson forward. They embody the heart and soul of the Inner City Ideas Cartel and we couldn’t be happier or more grateful that they play for our team.