//To Wear a Bespoke Suit

To Wear a Bespoke Suit

Except that there is.

Admittedly, surface-level assumptions exist for a reason. One individual’s tool for good is another’s weapon of war. There are people that wear top-drawer suits because they concern themselves with the opinion of others.

A high-end, bespoke suit does affect the way you are perceived. There is common consensus that this happens. If you can afford to dress in such luxury, you must be incredibly successful.

But that is not what it’s about. Not to the individuals that don custom suits for the right reasons. If someone dresses a certain way for the sole purpose of impressing others, what are they compensating for?

To the right buyer, a custom suit is not about the money. In fact, an off-the-rack suit at a high-end retail store is often pricier than going to a tailor that uses comparable fabrics and hand-cuts from scratch. If you know where to go.

It’s not about money.

Nor is it a question of not having the time to get a proper suit. Visiting a tailor is not inconvenient. Going to twenty stores to find the right suit that fits correctly, is. Even then, you’ll need to visit a tailor to get it adjusted to fit like it was made for you.

It’s about how the suit makes you feel. It’s about the confidence it instills in you. It’s about being comfortable in your place of work. It’s about expressing your individuality.

A custom suit is confirmation to yourself that you’re in control. Once you go custom, you’ll never go back to the rack.

Because you should dress for the job you want. Not the job you have. The road to success starts with you. It starts with perception. Not how others perceive you, but how you perceive yourself.

That is what it means to wear a bespoke suit. It’s because you deserve it. That is what Lock Stock & Barrel is about, because life is better in bespoke.

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