//We Give – a DANDO Story

We Give – a DANDO Story

Whilst doing mission work in 2011, Friedl visited a friend who was teaching children at an underprivileged local school. One of the classes was scheduled to go on a field trip. Excited to get involved, he volunteered to go with and help.

He was shocked and disappointed that the trip’s destination was the local Fruit & Veg City. Determined to make the trip a happier one for the children, Friedl spoke to the store’s management and put together lunch packs for the 30 children.

Receiving an apple, orange, banana and juice box made the children so happy that Friedl made the same plan for the 100+ scholars that didn’t attend the field trip. He decided then to commit himself and his future business ventures to giving back.

“I knew why first, then how I wanted to do but at the time, I didn’t know what I would do,” reveals Friedl. “Whatever industry I got into, I knew I would it for that purpose (to give back). I’d do things differently, better. I just had no idea it would be coffee.”

On the way to see a client, he stopped at a service station and popped inside to grab a coffee. “It was so bad, I honestly had to throw it out.” And that’s from a man who was drinking instant coffee at the time. It truly must have been terrible.

Thus, Friedl founded DANDO™ in 2012, as a side project that donated all its proceeds to charity. He was working with RO3 Oasis Water at that point. Coincidentally, RO3 Oasis was seeking a coffee supplier. They invested in DANDO™ and Friedl was able to put DANDO™ into over 200 outlets. RO3 Oasis remains a valued DANDO™ client to this day.

DANDO™ can no longer donate all of its proceeds to charity because it’s now a growing business maintaining its upward trajectory that is responsible for its staff as well as its commitment to charity. The way he sees it, it’s better to donate some of a big pie than an entire little one. At its core, DANDO™ remains committed to giving back, come profit or loss.

2016 promises to be a pivotal year. DANDO™ is set to open its brand new, state-of-the-art roastery as well as two trendsetting coffee bars. “We’re very happy to be a part of the Inner City Ideas Cartel. Without their help, their facilities, their network, things wouldn’t have happened as fast as they have. It is also giving us the opportunity to set up an industrial space in the most luxurious office space in town.”

There’ll be more to share over the coming weeks and months. Until then, we can sleep sound in the knowledge that DANDO™ shall continue to achieve the unimaginable against all odds, challenge the norm, manufacture and produce products of unmatched quality, unrivalled innovation and unsurpassed superiority, as their website so accurately states.