//What sets a gym apart?

What sets a gym apart?

Capetonians enjoy taking care of themselves, so the city is required to meet their demands. Most of Cape Town’s gyms possess solid value propositions.

Differentiation is required, then, but not in an aimless sense.

It is essential that there is method in the madness. That there is function behind the fashion. In both cases, the former must underpin the latter. Otherwise, all you have is something that, whilst pretty, is purposeless. And pretty doesn’t cut it on its own.

Understand your customer. Know what they require from you. Where they have problems, provide solutions. Embrace quality. Pay attention to the details. Across the board.

Our gym is a world-class facility containing state-of-the-art equipment. It is comfortable and safe; innovative and opulent.

It is conveniently located in the heart of the city, in the same building that many of its users work within, with panoramic views of Cape Town sprawling out in all directions seven stories below.

For us, that’s making par. Just.

Because, ultimately, the secret to the Cartel House Gymnasium’s success shall not be founded on these things. The secret to our gym’s success is the people that use it.

Entrepreneurs and freelancers. Writers and artists. Lawyers and developers. Programmers and developers.

The Cartel House Gymnasium is the only fitness centre where your mind is as stimulated as your muscles are. It is the only gym where the lad or lady training next to you is guaranteed to add genuine value to your day. The only gym where ventures become adventures.

At our gym, the principles of the past meet the technology of today.